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Power Over Pain Workshop – May 19, 2023

Can mindfulness exercises help you manage pain? Find out on Friday May 19th at 1:00 p.m. in this free workshop hosted by the Power Over Pain Portal.

This workshop, presented by Dr. Patricia Poulin, will focus on the foundation of mindfulness for chronic pain, including basic meditation exercises that can be part of a pain management plan. We will also review resources available for people who are interested in exploring mindfulness for chronic pain.

Please register for this Zoom workshop here:
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We hope to see you there!

Day of Mourning: Sudbury woman talks about her husband’s ‘easily preventable’ workplace death

Each year on April 28th people in over 120 countries gather to remember workers who were killed, injured or made ill in their workplaces. It’s a day where workers mourn those who have passed and continue the fight for better Occupational Health and Safety for those still alive.

True toll of work-related death far exceeds WSIB allowed claimsApril 24, 2023

Research is supporting what we have been saying for years. The real number of work-related deaths is far beyond what the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario is claiming, due to the fact that many deaths are not allowed and / or unreported.

EUROPEAN NETWORK OF PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICES Practitioner toolkit on strengthening PES to improve the labour market outcomes of persons with disabilities

The European Union Public Employment Services Union has developed a toolkit that will assist persons with disabilities in their employment journey, looking at 3 sections, Section 1, WHY: Why support from PES is necessary for persons with disabilities, Section 2, WHAT: PES can provide a number of tools to support persons with disabilities in their journey to find employment, and Section 3, HOW:
How to go from intention to implementation, improving the labour market outcomes for
this group.


Job Demands and Accommodation Planning Tool for workers

The JDAPT (Job Demands and Accommodation Planning Tool) is for workers who live with episodic health conditions and find employment challenging. This tool can help you identify accommodations that you might find useful and allow you to continue working. The JDAPT is grounded in research and was developed by the Accommodating and Communicating about Episodic Disabilities (ACED) team, housed at the Institute for Work & Health, a not-for-profit research organization based in Toronto, Canada.

British Columbia – Bill 41: Changes to Workers Compensation Act

Bill 41 introduces amendments to the Act affecting British Columbia employers by creating a duty to co-operate and to maintain employment, including a requirement to accommodate an injured worker in their return to work, up and until undue hardship.


From the Alberta Federation of Labour

The Alberta government is asking what should be prioritized in the new provincial budget. This is our chance to tell them what’s important. Will you help us do that? Fill out the Alberta government’s survey before it closes on January 15th.

All across the province, workers are demanding better from our government. This survey is a huge opportunity to demand investment in:
• stable and reliable public health care
• quality education
• a resilient economy
• good jobs for generations to come
Don’t miss this chance to make our province better for working families. Fill out the survey now.
The survey is only live until January 15. Click the link now to tell our elected officials what matters to Albertans.