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  1. I was injured on April 6, 2015 while unloadingFeed at a farm near Holden, Alberta. Was in the back of a grain truck. Scraping and shoveling moldy feed out of the box. While I was unloading , the farmer decided to tilt his grapple bucket & swung it towards me. One of the grapple hooks grabbed my left leg & stabed my leg. I got injured & had to tie a tourniquet around my leg to stop the bleeding. I unloaded my lad into the grain truck & took off back towards Edmonton to get medical attention. Finally made it back to Westlock & drove straight to the hospital. The washed it with a saline solution. & said it was ok. I went home & went to bed. In the morning I could not even bend my leg. It swelled to 3 times its normal size. I went back to the hospital & they were surprised it was that big. I contracted flesh eating disease. It was aggressive & ate a grapefruit size spot out of my left thigh. Had 3 nurses & a dr pulling dead flesh out of the hole in my thigh. I had 2 operations at the Uof A to clean up all the dead flesh. I had nothing but problems dealing with WCB about this. Had to wear a wound vac for almost 3 months to clean up my wound. My case manager wanted me to go back to work while I was wearing the wound vac. I was told to keep the whole area clean. Every body knows a farm is not sanitary. I refused & had to get my lawyer involved to get her to back down. She was telling my employer it was not that bad, He can work. My employer was trying to get me to come back early. My case manager was such a xitch. I finally could go back 4 months after the accident & was still harrased by my case manager. I got mad, & filed a lawsuit against the farmer. I settled out of court & was told that I could not sue my case manager. My lawyer said it was a long shot. The WCB ruins peoples lives & they get away with it because the government lets them. The courts & government are against injured workers.

  2. To whom this may concern at CIWA,
    I would like to get in touch with someone regarding practices by WCB Alberta. I operate a small business (this is not my business email) and am exempt from web coverage. Recently I have been followed by vehicle with a sticker saying “WCB cares”, and by followed I mean that his car was waiting at the side of road and upon me passing they suddenly entry the road and passed ,e n my left side. After this event I hav had a paid business listing to attacked over night (dropping my ratings 6%) through manipulation of the system. Before that incident a nearly identical “lead” came in which ignored my attempts to connect with the person over the phone and was looking for an email address. More recently a private investigator walked by by car as I started it and tool a photo of me from th side (quickly but overtly). Since that – I’ve had several “leads” come in which request specifics on the project which could be used to paint a picture I am not in compliance with WCB rules. Not only am I of the opinion this is int need to intimidate me (perhaps into paying them), it’s likely any information they are trying to collect and build a file with would be grossly misu d and falsified as needed to support their legal ambitions. Unfortunately this organization does work in the shadows and is very difficult to hold accountable for things including harassment. This is likely to bring about a difficult time for me going forward. I am aware of coomon defamation techniqu s used to discredit this type of outspoken post – the poster here is very much in good mental health with the exception of stress brought on by th above mentioned events.

    I would like to speak withsomeone familiar with this subject matter and not in anyway a cohort to that organization. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from someone.

    1. WCB has ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. They are considered a Quasi-judicial Entity (hands length reach by the Government). They only are couciled by ‘reconsiderations’ or ‘recomendations’ by politicians. You are dealing with an abusive Corporation that by our OWN Judicial System allows it. To suppress us even further. Goodluck & help ALL expose them.

    2. There is a National Class Charter Challenge against ALL WCB ‘s in Canada in the Supreme Court of Canada. You can find it at – Look at National Class Charter Challenge. Scroll towards the bottom of the web page to ‘Press Release ‘.
      Happy reading. If we fail , we keep filing.
      Please spread this information.

  3. I was injured at work in 2008 and was told to go to doctors and get paperwork filled so I could file a claim and receive medical care and treatment, but all the doctors I have seen have refused to assess diagnose, or treat the injury and I went to about 20 over a 10-year span. I suspect I was refused because I stated back injury and WCB related and because a doctor at a clinic that saw both my brother and I deemed me guilty by association and whatever issues the medical field had with my brother, he was a real prick to all because he is a “Sociopathic Narcissist” and treated the medical field horribly so they vented their anger at him towards me and I have been medically managed for years. Anyways, I know this injury completely misaligned my right side of the body at the right knee, hip, and or pelvic area, making every movement below the waist painful as if one thing is misaligned, that makes everything else not work either cause they are all connected and I now have limited mobility and frankly have been in constant pain since 2008 at times as high as a 12 in pain scale lasting several months, excruciating pain. because of so much damage. This initial injury was never even assessed or diagnosed to the present day, as the medical profession flat out refuses to accept my history of injuries as the truth, again for 10 years. Yes, doctors have lied about test results, refused further suggested testing, misdiagnosed me over, and over, and over again for an entire 10 years because they also refuse to accept my history of injuries for an entire 10 years and before all this, I barely had a sprained finger and now my body is a complete mishmash of injuries that were never properly assessed, diagnosed, or provided relevant care and treatment for.

    Then in 2011, I was injured at work but the 2 supervisors running my depot didn’t like me, and couldn’t get rid of me any other way, purposely and maliciously lied and misrepresented me to both Canada Post and WCB causing extreme prejudice and bias, so much so that Sheryl Walker of WCB, consistently throughout the claim, denied 3 of my rights under the WCB Act. Because they all thought I obtained WCB under false pretenses, my rights were denied me, I was mislabeled, mistreated, mismanaged, and denied the proper tools and resources to not only be successful at my job but at recovery as well. Both the supervisors and my WCB case manager consistently denied me the proper tools to progress through recovery. as they kept forcing me back where I just kept getting more and more injured until I could no longer hold anything in my left hand or lift my arm and had developed overuse syndrome because instead of being properly treated, because of the supervisors’ interference, my claim was not only denied after being accepted for 6 months and receiving some treated for, but on only one part of the injury area, when injury involved hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow, but then denied and even reversed altogether, my injury was never resolved but continued to get worse. I could not find help with the appeal and did it on my own and won, but only as an aggravation, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I know exactly when and how I was injured, people just chose not to believe me. Then CP took $20,000 from my pay over a 6 year period forcing me into financial hardship and I became homeless. Then because these men were already getting away with mismanaging me, mistreating me, and denying me the proper tools or resources, they continued on with their plan to discredit me, mismanaged me, and harass me to force my hand and quit or resign.

    So when it’s a he said/she said, the weight is to fall to the side of the worker unless shown otherwise, so these supervisors do up a letter stating I couldn’t have possibly injured myself at work and the reasons why, which would be true and accurate if I did like most carriers and blended my flyers, but I absolutely did not, I flipped my flyers in individually which is a completely different way to deliver flyers and uses all the muscles in the upper limb in a completely different fashion and why my injury was never treated properly or resolved.

    So, I was given a 20lb weight restriction to the left upper limb and was not to receive parcels over 20 lbs but did so on 32 separate occasions. This was in 2013 when I had already been dealing with the abuse from my ex and my brother that I could no longer take any more shit and abuse. I was already in fight/flight mode and been in a heightened state of hypervigilance due to the long-standing abuse both personal and professional, consistently from 2010 – 2018. Anyways, so I was so busy trying to protect my left since March of 2012, that I forced the right side of my body to do double duty for both limbs as if properly dealt with, that weight restriction would have clearly been under 10 lbs and not 20 lbs which was proven via Physio assessment on my own dime in March of 2014 and which why info is unbiased and it clearly proves that I was nowhere near 20lbs and in fact shows under 5 lbs of strength in both limbs. They kept forcing me back and again, I kept getting further injured and then developed mirror image injuries to my right upper body as was to my left because a body is not meant to do heavier lifting and carrying with one limb, which is what I tried to do, push, pull, and otherwise manipulate heavy parcels with the entirety of my right side from head to toe.

    So when my grandmother passed away in 2002, I had developed IBS and PTSD but it went undiagnosed until 2016. Then the long-standing abuse via my ex, my brother, and the 2 supervisors at work, while falling through all the cracks in every single system and level of governments while being medically mismanaged and denied proper medical, care and attention, while being mentally mismanaged and misdiagnosed while being forced through financial ruin and losing custody of my child.

    So from 2002 – 2018, I was driven mad due to all of the above while being all alone in the world and having absolutely no one to lean on. I became separated from my only child and became homeless in 2014, attempted suicide in 2016 because I couldn’t live in a world where the truth was irrelevant, can you imagine, I never had to be guilty of anything because just being accused has caused just as much damage. I even have hardcore proof, tangible letters, tests, OMG, so, so much paperwork, etc. so much proof but all irrelevant if I couldn’t explain myself because all of the above spinning in my head and I couldn’t separate facts from emotions and could not in any way, shape, or form, stand up and defend my rights under my human rights, the WCB Act and the Health Charter of Canada.

    The traumas and complete lack of supports were ongoing for 10 years and since 2016, I have had to switch my recovery between the medical and mental, and financial issues and without the proper supports in place and getting all this finally properly dealt with and resolved, I can’t move forward, so this is my next step, I can, although I will lose my train of thought often and have to be redirected to focus can finally once again stand up and exercise the so many rights that were unjustly denied me for years.

    Sorry, but this is very involved, not complex at all as I have so much paperwork that already backs me up, but because of all the malicious lies and misrepresentations to my good name and character, no one believed me but every single issue, I was right and can prove it.

    I refer to these men as Narcissists because they all lied and misrepresented me in a very poor light, to keep the focus off of them so they wouldn’t get caught being the bad guy and in the wrong and so they could get away with basically destroying me. They all came at me because I was an easy target and half beaten down from the PTSD already. I can prove they all lied, but after all this time, I can’t find anyone to help, because of what every one has seen since the start of the claim, although completely inaccurate, I can’t even get a lawyer to return my calls and now with the pandemic, I’m dead in the water.

    So how do I undo 10 years of lies and misrepresentations to get to a lawyer who will give me the time of day and finally get this resolved so I can finally exercise my rights, clear my good name and reputation, finally gain proper medical care, attention, and treatment for my many injuries and overuse syndrome and have those people removed from positions of authority over human beings so they can no longer do so easily what they did to me. It damn near ruined and cost me my life.

    I am so sorry for the lengthy email and am hoping that like everyone else, you won’t just ignore me because of too complex or involved or because you think I’m lying and nuts as well, I can assure you I am not. Yes, if I didn’t have all the proof that I do, I’d think I was nuts too, but no one will give me the chance.

    I also tried to go above my abusers, and filed whistleblowing complaint against my supervisor and several complaints about my first case manager, Sheryl Walker. Complained to her supervisor on more than one occasion and even had a meeting, filed a 19 page letter of complaint, and then finally once I realized I could fire her, I sure as hell did. I fought AB Works because I was denied benefits to escape the abuse and proved while mentally impaired that Lisa Brown of AB Works denied me based on her own personal beliefs and not the facts, which took me 5 year to deal with, appealed to citizens appeal panel, than at the Ombudsman level, 2 times at both and won all appeals just to be handed lip service.

    Again, one doesn’t have to be guilty of anything just being accused cause me just as much damage and because people deemed me unworthy to receive proper supports or resources and if fact was stifled and denied because of it.

    So, I want to call lawyer and because it covers a 10 year period, was quite involved, includes massive longstanding trauma, I cant supply just the facts cause it’s not that simple. I was hoping to do a summary of everything and hand over a 4 inch binder where my proof could be referred to by stickies.

    So I know for a fact that all anyone has to do to help me is be willing, but again since the beginning, it has shown me as someone who obtained WCB under false pretenses which couldn’t be further from the truth, but If people think you are undeserving, not only will they not help you, they will hinder you every step of the way. There’s a lot more to my story but the gist of it is I did absolutely nothing wrong, but because of the ongoing lies and misrepresentations from people dealing with me for 10 years, I was denied my rights under my human rights, the WCB Act, and the Health Charter of Canada.

    Please, any words of wisdom or tricks and tips to help get a lawyer to believe in me and the truth, and take me on. I finally have 1500 for the retainer, but I am using the car money that was supposed to replace my vehicle written off last month, LOL, and again, not my fault.

    So with a lawyer’s help, I want to find out what’s the real deal with the medical/mental health professionals and why I have been denied proper medical care and attention for 10 years. I want to deal with all established WCB Claims and file claims for all the injuries never dealt with because never filed as too busy fighting for life and my rights for the claims already unjustly denied me. I want to make the “he said/she said” WCB clause stronger so they can no longer do so easily what they did to me. I want to protect the public from Sheryl Walker of WCB and Lisa Brown of AB Works so that when people are in need of help, they receive it and to protect all Canada Post employees from being beaten down, mismanaged, harassed and intimidated simply because a supervisor doesn’t personally like them regardless of impeccable work record. This is rampant abuse of the system and the way supervisors get rid of someone and around union rules. Rampant abuse of the system and must finally be dealt with and stopped.

    Absolutely anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated, but please, please don’t ignore me, I am a good person and am worthy of supports. Oh, and how can I undo 10 years of lies and misrepresentations? Thank you.

  4. I have made 10 WCB claims in 13 years and they have all been denied. As a journeyman plumber and a journeyman gasfitter, I now realize that it is unsafe to work any physical job in Canada until WCB is reformed. So I have quit the trades to pursue work from home opportunities. I don’t have kids so I am not forced to have a job. So I haven’t worked in a year. I had to leave Alberta to receive healthcare in bc. Because Alberta doctors said I was too young to have such problems with my back, so I wouldn’t make the list for an mri. I tried to get an mri for 10 years. And the first time I went to a doctor in bc, I got my mri.

    I recommend to just leave Alberta. Lack of healthcare and WCB claims denials have made it unsafe to work a physical job in Alberta. I think if more skilled trades people stop doing their jobs, then maybe we can one day trades people will be awarded basic human rights.

    If WCB doesn’t cover injuries, then that completely changes my job description. So I will remain unemployed until our wages double or WCB is eliminated or reformed. Good luck Alberta hahaha! B.c is great by the way.

  5. I am my husband’s representative and I have seen what wcb does to injured workers who are tax paying citizens and deserve to be treated as a respected human person and not a claim number that is dehumanized and demoralized by fallacious information that is delegated by a bunch of people who get paid for abusing,criminal acts of fraud, human rights, freedom of information laws constitutional rights, the list goes on. They are a insurance provider that is made into teams and get bonuses for taking away a person’s dignity, and the ability to decide what, when, how, where, who a person is and was. Financially taking from families of and injured workers. They have ruined my life and my husband’s life. They sent him to a doctor who worked for wcb Alberta the doctor did a medical malpractice or went on his own decision and messed up and than left Alberta 2 weeks after the incident. 47 doctors later and no medical professional can tell us what was done. Someone who had access to his medical records erased his whole medical history and records. Wcb disclosed him because of 3 party. They have false reports that they have signed and filed. Cheques of payments that were made but not deposited. Reports of different types of surgeries and different doctors who preformed these surgeries. Doctors with different diagnosis MRI’s that change every time to be worsening. Permanent work restrictions but still are forcing to do things he can not do. He used to make 55400 now 18000 that’s less than minimum wage and below poverty level. I have the proof signed documents emails letters and journals of the dehumanization and the abuse breaches of rights. So I’m in the process of court proceedings. Also trying to get the answers to our questions.

  6. My name is Teresa and I am 54 year female kicked in the head by a 392 lb ostrich. I was denied long term disability after losing sight in my left eye, permanent whiplash, soft tissue damage and I am sure a severe concussion. The only thing they pay for are prescription glasses, no anti glare, no nothing special, just glasses. This was 20 years ago and let’s just say life is such a struggle fighting for yourself, family and your rights. I was injured at work, the employers abandoned me, WCB abandoned me and falling through the cracks at every turn is more than unsettling. I want my damn dignity back and I would love to have some standard of living that isn’t such a struggle at every moment of my life, what is left of it.

  7. I was attacked at work by another employee. He attacked me because he thought I had asked his girl friend, who was helping him, to help me move some doors. I was at the job work site location and performing my regular duties when he attacked me. When he realized his girl friend had helped me, and she did so of her own volition, He became crazy, swearing at both of us, threatening me, anad yelling at me. I told him I did not ask her to help me, that she came on her own, and I was not aware that she did not tell him. I asked him to ask her in front of me if I had asked her to help me. Instead he attacked me from behind shoving me forcefully causing my face and right shoulder to smash forcefully into the side of the front door frame the as i turned around to defend myself he shoved me forcefully again causing my lower vertebrae to impact the door knob, then as I was unbalanced and in pain he attacked me again jumping on top of me and smashing my body onto the hard wood floor with him on top of me causing my head neck left side ribs and back to impact the hardwood floor forcefully. I have a compound fracture in my lower spine, permanent damage severely bruised ribs, severely injured back muscles and neck muscles have very limited motion and rotation in my neck and back. I am unable to turn or twist my torso I cannot turn my neck or tilt it back I am unable to slide my hands down my sides very far I have back spasms nearly continuously. I am unable to lift much weight even walking is a struggle. My claim was not accepted based on the reason of section 1(1)(a). HOwever I was at the work location and I was performing my regular duties. I did not see the attack coming. I did not threaten the employee I did not ask the employee to fight I did not instigate the fight. And it was only myself, the other employee and his girl friend present. The Edmonton Community Legal Centre states that WCB is responsible to pay an injured worker, “regardless of whom or what caused the injury.” Are you or organization able to help me make a successful appeal. Please contact me by email

    1. The WCB act seems very clear here. “a chance event occasioned by a physical or natural cause”. This isn’t a workplace injury as defined by the act. It does, however, fall under the guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety, and as such your employer has (had) a responsibility to ensure your safety while at work. There seems to be sufficient grounds here to engage in a lawsuit against your employer. I would consult with a lawyer who specializes in this type of law to discuss your options.

  8. Workers that are in Alberta and whom are coming into Alberta should really think about what happens if they get hurt on the job. They are in for a lot of frustration, degradation and lose everything that they have ever work for. This is fact! With bureaucratic red tape and WCB Alberta protecting the injury fund at any cost, the injured worker does not have a chance. This I know from personal experience. The injured worker is a money maker even at their own appeal where as the people that sit on the board are paid for each and every appeal they attend. This is a set rate per person. The inhumane practices that the injured person has to endure is appalling. Animals have more compassion and understanding than humans. This is a fact. It is my hope that this new Alberta Government will make changes so we can all have a better quality of life in the future. So many people have been mistreated which effects the people that love them. Their family and friends. Some people have gone to extremes the past few years by either setting themselves on fire in front of WCB Alberta, walking in with a fire arm with intent to do harm, or commit suicide. This is all wrong. Why do things have to turn out this way before something is done. How many more lives have to be ruined or put to an end to stop the madness.

    1. i used to work for the meat plant in brooks Alberta more than 13 years .i get hurt(injured) to many times ,broken 3 ribs,crushed my right index finger,burn with 180 plus steam saturated water ,loosing hearing,broken left fumes bone and psychologically and so on .due to this i have lost my moral feel like i am not human being .wcb asked me to back there again but i can’t go back . i asking as wcb told me to pay me what i can capable doing job in calgary then thy will tap me the difference what i used to get before my injury but they don’t want is there any alberta govermet could help me to my my right

        IT. They can get you back on WCB and will investigate for free on your behalf and can over rule parts Of WCB’S decision. Don’t let WCB take your legal rights away from you! I have been on WCB due to a Very serious assault while working, while on duty. Get your doctors notes, papers etc in order. Get as much information about your injuries, x-rays whatever you can get a hold of from your doctors or specialists that you have gone to see from your injuries.


  9. We must unite together. October 21 is the day that Patrick went into WCB with a rifle. Injured workers and their families should picket out side WCB in a loud, respectful manner to show the public and the Government that enough is enough. October 21 is a Great Day to do so. We the people are the strong together.

  10. I was hurt at 21 as a union iron worker local 725. I had 3 tons of concrete fall on me from 40 feet up a lettter. I had a piece of my brain cut out and been abused by WCB since the accident in 1991. Money not given to me that is mine and been tortured. There not paying for my meds they been paying for years. Now I’m paying $800 a month for meds I need. I get talked down too. I’ve been kicked around from a accident that was not my fault. I HATE my worker with a passion and what they do to others not just me. I can’t work do to these injury’s so I’m a 10% which is the worse part you can be in. They rip me off plus the employer. The government let them. I feel like there nazis and I’m a Jew. It does not matter if you prove them wrong you just go back in line for first appeal. I think anyone that rushes them a hero because there just trying to get there story out and for other abuse workers like myself. We must keep fighting them or it will just continue. Fight on my fellow hurt workers. There will be a day they will listen.

  11. I am still fighting worksafe bc 38 years after a trucking accident left me with a amputated foot unbelievable that the people in this country don’t say a thing about this but yet the country spends billions of dollars helping foreighner ‘s out

  12. I have been asked to explain the role of the Alberta Government in the Alberta workers compensation system. The Alberta Government wears two hats in the workers compensation system, one as an employer and the other serving the interests of the public which obviously places them at odds or a conflict of interest as to which hat they are wearing when they enact legislation. It would be fair then to suggest that the Alberta Government does not represent the interests of workers.

    The Alberta Government appoints members of the WCB BoD which oddly enough consists of two members of the BoD representing workers, Thostenson and Nowicki, three members of the BoD representing employers, Hughes, McPherson and Ference, two members of the BoD representing the public, Harding and Herard and the Board Chair Kindrake.

    Amidst all of this is the fact that the WCB BoD’s primary responsibility is to protect the accident fund despite whose interests the WCB BoD’s represents. The protection of the accident fund thus becomes a priority and at the expense of workers whose benefits come out of the accident fund and is the reason why claims and benefits are routinely denied to ensure the economic benefits of low premiums for employers to entice employers to relocate to Alberta and to keep those employers doing business in Alberta to stay here.

    It is a known fact that Conservative Governments cater to the wishes and demands of employers as opposed to the NDP Government and Liberal Governments who believe that workers have the right to be paid fairly and the right to perform safe work no matter what the costs are to the employer. It remains to be seen whether the NDP Government will make changes that will benefit workers rather than to force tax payers to support disabled workers.

    At present I question why there are no workers on the BoD who are willing to fight for the rights of workers and go public on issues where the interests of workers are being out numbered by the other members of the BoD who are biased against workers and enact policies that make it difficult for workers to have their claims and benefits accepted.

    Gerry Miller

    1. I have a son who was hurt in an accident in Fort MacMurray almost 11 years ago.He was accepted for LTD.and now receives Disability CPP.It is Sad that Workmen Comp.Does not Accept all the Drs. and Specialist Letters and Forms confirming he cannot work.It,s just a scam.Job creation .He has gone through many appeals which they have said he deserves to be compensated …..BUT turn it back to WCb for a final decision…..Now what good is it to appeal if their decision doesn,t stand….It is rediculous and very degrading to have to live on 700.00 a month when that is impossible and have to depend on your mom to help and have a daughter thats trying to go to school, with no support from her father.Someone needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions.As we know the IME are paid to report whatever is needed said to protect wcb from paying the injured worker..this is disgraceful and somewhere someone should be responsible.This is a mother trying to retire and help her son…If he were to be compensated for his injuries he would be independent.This is a serious matters and to hire an Alberta lawyer they just take your money and run big scams!!!

      1. WCB is a “Quasi-judicial” entity.
        Means- our Provincial Government can ignore all concerns with WCBs complaints or (Lip Service) to Constituents.
        Only way to make our Government to make changes is Constant, On-going Steady Pressure from the public. Loudly not discretely. Exposing Facts, Documents and Medical Wittnesses.
        The global work market has monopolized this model to keep control of the Common Worker’s Rights upon a work place accident. I have researched this extensively.
        Our local MLAs are purely hear for lip service. If they chose to intervene on a Constituents issue pertaining to WCB would sink Thier career in the Government. Same goes as with our Premier.
        The Government has allowed WCB to have the Capability to operate with No Respect to the Natural Laws of Justice in Canada. With No Legal Repercussions.
        Disregard of the Laws? The year is 2017, Not 1917?
        Our Premier has been to many WCB meetings before she was elected as our Premier. She Knows the Blood Guilt of WCB. I hope she does not have to wash her hands. You Tube her.
        An Inquiry was rumored to be launched. Why? I think an Investigation in to Fact Based Wrongly Adjudicated WCB Claims would be more appropriate. Mine for example.
        I was Denied WCB from a work place Rig Accident that almost killed me. The reason.
        Intervening Cause. Picking up my 1.5 year old son was Now the causation for my injuries?

      2. I was hurt in 91 and scam after scam. Hurting me day after day. They just took away my pills which are 800 a month. I was union iron worker and had 3000 lbs of solid concrete fall on me 30 feet up a ladder. They now are taking away my pain pills and pills I need for the accident. Hang in there. It takes a lot of time but if your grounds are right you should win but it’s very tough. God bless and good luck
        Bill Elliott

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