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  1. I have been asked to explain the role of the Alberta Government in the Alberta workers compensation system. The Alberta Government wears two hats in the workers compensation system, one as an employer and the other serving the interests of the public which obviously places them at odds or a conflict of interest as to which hat they are wearing when they enact legislation. It would be fair then to suggest that the Alberta Government does not represent the interests of workers.

    The Alberta Government appoints members of the WCB BoD which oddly enough consists of two members of the BoD representing workers, Thostenson and Nowicki, three members of the BoD representing employers, Hughes, McPherson and Ference, two members of the BoD representing the public, Harding and Herard and the Board Chair Kindrake.

    Amidst all of this is the fact that the WCB BoD’s primary responsibility is to protect the accident fund despite whose interests the WCB BoD’s represents. The protection of the accident fund thus becomes a priority and at the expense of workers whose benefits come out of the accident fund and is the reason why claims and benefits are routinely denied to ensure the economic benefits of low premiums for employers to entice employers to relocate to Alberta and to keep those employers doing business in Alberta to stay here.

    It is a known fact that Conservative Governments cater to the wishes and demands of employers as opposed to the NDP Government and Liberal Governments who believe that workers have the right to be paid fairly and the right to perform safe work no matter what the costs are to the employer. It remains to be seen whether the NDP Government will make changes that will benefit workers rather than to force tax payers to support disabled workers.

    At present I question why there are no workers on the BoD who are willing to fight for the rights of workers and go public on issues where the interests of workers are being out numbered by the other members of the BoD who are biased against workers and enact policies that make it difficult for workers to have their claims and benefits accepted.

    Gerry Miller

    1. I have a son who was hurt in an accident in Fort MacMurray almost 11 years ago.He was accepted for LTD.and now receives Disability CPP.It is Sad that Workmen Comp.Does not Accept all the Drs. and Specialist Letters and Forms confirming he cannot work.It,s just a scam.Job creation .He has gone through many appeals which they have said he deserves to be compensated …..BUT turn it back to WCb for a final decision…..Now what good is it to appeal if their decision doesn,t stand….It is rediculous and very degrading to have to live on 700.00 a month when that is impossible and have to depend on your mom to help and have a daughter thats trying to go to school, with no support from her father.Someone needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions.As we know the IME are paid to report whatever is needed said to protect wcb from paying the injured worker..this is disgraceful and somewhere someone should be responsible.This is a mother trying to retire and help her son…If he were to be compensated for his injuries he would be independent.This is a serious matters and to hire an Alberta lawyer they just take your money and run big scams!!!

      1. WCB is a “Quasi-judicial” entity.
        Means- our Provincial Government can ignore all concerns with WCBs complaints or (Lip Service) to Constituents.
        Only way to make our Government to make changes is Constant, On-going Steady Pressure from the public. Loudly not discretely. Exposing Facts, Documents and Medical Wittnesses.
        The global work market has monopolized this model to keep control of the Common Worker’s Rights upon a work place accident. I have researched this extensively.
        Our local MLAs are purely hear for lip service. If they chose to intervene on a Constituents issue pertaining to WCB would sink Thier career in the Government. Same goes as with our Premier.
        The Government has allowed WCB to have the Capability to operate with No Respect to the Natural Laws of Justice in Canada. With No Legal Repercussions.
        Disregard of the Laws? The year is 2017, Not 1917?
        Our Premier has been to many WCB meetings before she was elected as our Premier. She Knows the Blood Guilt of WCB. I hope she does not have to wash her hands. You Tube her.
        An Inquiry was rumored to be launched. Why? I think an Investigation in to Fact Based Wrongly Adjudicated WCB Claims would be more appropriate. Mine for example.
        I was Denied WCB from a work place Rig Accident that almost killed me. The reason.
        Intervening Cause. Picking up my 1.5 year old son was Now the causation for my injuries?

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