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Pictou Country Injured Workers Association

142 Provost Street
New Glasgow, NS B2H 2P7
T: (902) 695-7249
F: (902) 695-3153

Cape Breton Injured Workers Association

714 Alexandra Street
Sydney, NS
T: (902) 539-4650

The Office of the Worker Counsellor

Suite 220, 3700 Kempt Road,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
T: (902) 455 -5455 (Halifax)
T: (877) 220 -2722 (Long distance)

Workers’ Advisers Program

5670 Spring Garden Road, Suite 502
P.O. Box 1063
Halifax, NS B3J 2X1
T: (902) 424 -5050 (Halifax)
T: (800) 774 -4712 (Toll free in N.S.)

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  1. I was injured over three years ago, I was assaulted by a client and the injury resulted in some complicated symptoms, Chronic pain, body cramps, headaches, tremors and severe anxiety and depression. I was requested go to physiotherapy, pain science education and saw many specialist at the request of my case manager. WCB has continued to push me through programs and because of the WCB act I have to follow any treatment that the board requests of me. Recently I have discovered that the board did not have medical approval or proper medical referrals in place to request these assessments. Even the boards Medical adviser informed them that he did not recommend this treatment. They have requested my full medical files which I was told to consent or my benefits would be cut immediately. Right after I sent them my MSI files, they cut my income by nearly half because my employer sent a letter to them saying I was a termed employee, which was not true. They have left me broke, homeless and without treatment that their doctor recommended.

    I need a lawyer badly, I have no money and because these issues are all related to WCB I can’t get past the reception of lawyers offices to just get someone to look at the unofficial referrals made with no Dr approval. Even the assessment letters were not addressed to anyone. I am afraid I am causing myself more damage writing these complaints alone not fully understanding my rights. Please if anyone knows of a Lawyer that will at least look at these documents and give me advice I would be indebted to you. WAP will only deal with appeals, not give advice on anything else.

  2. I moved here to help out elderly parents after not working much in the past few years.
    I started a position as a seasonal but it was such a great fit.
    I came to life when I walked through the doors.
    I met some amazing people.
    I got great reviews and was told I was going to be trained on cash soon.
    Oct 15th.
    I am suppose to leave and pack and move my possessions east .
    I’m working loving my job and want to make a good impression.
    So much partner goes instead.
    That day I get hurt.
    I was 3 weeks in; seasonal and the incident changed my life.
    I continued and was on time and limited movements from physio.
    I continue physio still no mri on my spine for over 6 mis.
    My seasonal rolls around I apply to 4 positions and I’m not hired or called back?
    I have no idea why.
    So here I am hurt can’t do shit and suffer in pain at night sitting my neck.
    Contract said 50 lbs .
    Not 250lbs.
    A box falls natural reaction to try and stop it.
    I’m 60 years old and it never hit the floor.
    I had to make a good impression so they would hire me.
    No one ever checked me out.
    Now I’m getting stronger my elbow is bothering me.
    It’s ridiculous I have anxiety when I walk into that store.
    It’s hard to see my friends there and not be still there.
    I have no dental or medical and income at all.
    I decided I wanted to be part of society and make a difference in a pandemic.
    I did not predict getting injured and being in pain every day.
    Ringing in my ears?
    Anyway; I get a meeting with the employer and lawyer from here in a few weeks and I hope that someone investigates what happened to me.
    Anyway I’m trying to live my life like I did before and I don’t see that happening.
    And I am now dependant on my spouse at this point.
    Depression and worthlessness and so many other emotions.
    I wake up in pain and I go through my day in pain.
    It’s tiring having to deal with this .
    Hearing aids broke and not in budget to get new.
    It’s sad the way people are treated with low income.
    I’m just glad to be able to testify what happened to me.
    Not even the store manager investigated my incident.
    I just want to make sure others aren’t treated like this or have that item fall on them.

    More to be revealed

  3. I broke my hand on the way to work I was on my employer’s property when it happened I had broke a bone in my hand in my wrist went to work with the cast on for about 6 weeks the doctor took the cast off and said I was able to leave a couple of years later at work I fell shoveling off steps and we broke the same bone they gave me compensation when I went back to work everything was fine but after some more years I got a lot of pain in my hand I had to get a bone fusion of all the bones in my wrist I tried to go back on compensation but they said it was an old injury and they couldn’t help me so I’m wondering if there’s anything used guys can do

  4. Hey I was injured Dec 22\11 My injuries were to my neck back upper/lower crushed 3 disc c5 c6 c7 .also L4 . wcbns and Warren transport ltd. Reps cured me over the phone . they and are f—–g amazing Nancy Burt wcbns rep and Warren’s rep Gay White .I end up being treat for strain and sprain. Received physio .I was harassed daily the only DR’s that seen me gave me pills and was told to go home and rest . wcbns rep and Warres rep called daily to count my pills cause when there done so is my benifits. Pills run out so did my services and benefits . Forced back to work,with the inability to raise my left arm above my left shoulder. Was at work for 2weeks then company started to play games said they called me into work ha. They lied again they fired me … But I talked to them and they put laid off on my roe. So there i sat to injured to work no family Dr. In pain continuously stated home until I figured I could move around a bit to at least find so sort of gainful employment. Talked to a few friends they told me I could probably be a water hauler said pretty easy job. So I applied at a couple spots , got hired worked from a company for 6 weeks came back home sore . got hired walking to my cousin he told me to come work where he worked , could work till got sore then come home. I even put my wcbns claim number on app. I was honest job was good I worked for bout 2 1\2 yrs. Got home then found a job plowing snow did that season and a bit was not comfortable operating equipment, I got a job in a lobster Pound hard and heavy work.its was only part time, got ajob in another pound fulltime hours. Worked till I could no longer do the job safely. Got a DR’s note Dec.20\16. That was 2 weeks and 3 days before my fusion , I was 111 hrs shy from qualifying sick benefits from EI. Had my triple neck fusion Jan5\17.filed from cppd took 14 months but finally got it in 2018 before I stopped working I had to go bankrupt. In 2014 got family Dr. Then things started to get done with my injuries do to my own investigation’s.after I finally got approved for CPPD I called wcbns to inform them that cppd is figuring I have a server a prolonged injury . they were shocked. They ask for my cw name I told them Nancey Burt. They said she’s not there anymore told them she is probably a supervisor. Now this time around wcbns you would think should be a little better at doing their job. nobody has to take responsibility. I have had a case worker that has had my file on her desk Holly Hershall for over 6 months . she did nothing I can prove any of this letter I called Dean Tupper of the office of workers councell he got in touch with her supervisor on atleast 2 times and answer both times she has not touched my file at all . she even tried to blame my family Dr .. Nothing but bs on wcbns part . makes you wounder why no one has to be responsible at his so called business any other business has to be but wcbns. So got a different cw Jennifer Cleater . they give her to me just before she come back from sick leave. She is another wcbns jem within the first three sentences she informed me she has 48 hrs before she has to answer me. Then a fw months down the road she told me I had a reacurence I told her it was a continuation she said no a reacurenc I informed her the systems have never left . she told me that if I don’t listen other she would hang up on me.what a joke wcbns is. I’ve called Darren Paterson numerous times to complain about wcbns employees not doing their jobs .now Paterson is their boss he’s a bad as they are for returning correspondence. Waited and waited no responds then I called Tim McInnis the wcbns compliance officer, he made some calls they started to pay attention a bit I’ve made lots of calls to hm to get things move in. Finally got another cw T.Flinn she seemed OK till I talked to her. DONT THESE PEOPLE THE WCBNS EMPLOYEES HAVE TO LOOK AND READ CASES ? Its so frustrating trying to deal with people that assume no responsible towards their job . I’m always proud of the work that I’ve done . wcbns employees have no pride in the things they do. Any time I call in to talk with a case worker they are always not working today .they don’t work weekends .hard to catch up with them when their never at work …just comming up on10 yrs , sence injured. Its not right that an injured worker has to investigate and finance their own injuries, and be left out. If you drive your car and a dog runs out in front of you and you hit it they have a broken leg you would take them to a vet.Now if a person gets hurt at work they go to physio. The dog goes to a VET( DOCTOR) _INJURED WORKER GOES TO PHYISO ( NOT A DOCTOR) MY NAME

  5. I was poisoned by Freon over a 5 month period by a Employer in Dartmouth. I have had palpitations most of my life, and a family history of irregular heart beat. When my supervisor found a leaking reclamation machine spraying out Freon-12 ( ), I believe the adrenaline from that triggered a moderate arrhythmia. I then attempted to get medical help. I told them about the palpitations and the family history and a study from Cairo I had found about occupational exposure to Freon. At first I asked to have a Holter strapped to me while I was working and when I was told that wasn’t going to happen I asked for unemployment. I was told by multiple doctor’s, my employer, and WCB a while later that Freon cannot cause irregular heart beat and that I did not have irregular heart beat. With no other option left, I quit my job. I then spent from February to October with my blood pressure dangerously high being accused of not taking blood pressure medication. When I was finally allowed to have a Holter monitor done, it clearly stated “Prevailing rhythm was sinus arrhythmia.”. I am “mostly” recovered, but I still take medication once or twice a week when I start going out of rhythm. I cannot get anyone to give me a checkup, let alone acknowledge what happened to me. My old Doctor claimed that I did not like the effects of a calcium blocker so that’s why he never prescribed me a betablocker, but I was never given a calcium blocker. His personal friend the cardiologist who referred me for a Holter lied and claimed I told him I ran out of blood pressure medication. I am a immigrant from Appalachia, I am not sure what I did to deserve anything that happened to me and out of a hundred people in this province, not one single soul has shown me any compassion let alone attempted to help me. God help the injured workers in this province, its all a game to the people who claim they are there to help you. I question how these people are able to sleep at night with such issues weighing on their conscience.

  6. Looking for a good lawyer that is familiar with the tort abuse of power by public officials and WCB law.

    This issue branches from Chartered Rights and Freedoms through Equality Rights s.15 with violations of the Workers Compensation Act. and tort law. As the WCB did not act in good faith (I can prove) they case manager and entity do not have protection from civil action under abuse of power by public officials.

    Please let me know if this an area that you practice and would be willing to speak about or know of a lawyer who handles these.

  7. My brother and I have been sexually assaulted on the job. The perpetrator was our floor supervisor and union representative. The act against my brother was caught on CCTV and is in the hands of the RCMP. The perpetrator is currently at work and we are being treated horribly. We both now have PTSD and WCB is not helping. I would like to talk with someone who might be able to assist us. If anyone can talk with us we would appreciate it.

  8. I have been fighting Nova Scotia WCB for 43 years, and getting no where. I cannot seem to get enough evidence to support my case anymore, as most doctor and hospital records have been destroyed. Now I am trying for chronic pain, while totally reviewing my file I noticed that in 1975 the employers doctor wanted a psychological opinion done, so WCB at that time sent me to a regular medical doctor. I thought they had to send you to a Psychiatrist to have this done. I suffered a traumatic work accident in 1975, which changed my life forever. I have read all kinds of court decisions, and it seems that I am right, but WCB always want more. I cannot afford a lawyer, and the injured workers group in Sydney NS is now down to one advocate for 800 workers. Would anyone know of any other resources that can be used. I will fight this until they put me in the ground, but that is what they want anyway.

  9. i am a injured worker since 2007 january 17 from a head injury.i have been having non stop pain in my head its in my brain my eyes face down the right side and back all day eyes feel as someone is pouring somekind of turbine or something in them all the time my brain is like you are just sick and tired of grabbing your head a heading to a counch to lay down.i was managing my pain then the doctors passed this new law because i do not know and why it should effect me.and i don’t like the way they think they can talk and threaten you if you don’t go along with the program.i would like to talk to someone about this and to find out what lawyer you can call to get some kind of help.and to find out what i can do about this and the way they treat people.and i would like to get it done as quick as possible not to sound pushy but they really are and if you try to explain anything they just turn on you in a second.i have been going to the same doctor and medical clinic since i got hurt and the same doctor for over 24 years and never went to the doctor till after i got hurt with my brain injury.and i really didn’t know how much metal was in my face till i went to a different clinic and got some xray’s taken of my if i could talk to someone to explain this and my problem in person i would feel much better.and someone could help me and tell me what i can do to get the quality of life they say i have a right to have.i called the human rights of nova scotia and they told me to try here first and than call them could someone please help me. thank you william macneil

    1. HEY BROTHER, I’m an injured worker as well, all kinds of messed up , all the abuse and neglect are geared at imposing psychological injurie, to the point you give up, or commit suicide. They don’t care as long as they get their gift cards, you heard right gift cards based of the disqualification of claims 15- 75 dollars tax free on our misery and blood. I have been fighting the bastards for 6 years now and I will expose them all. these abuses were identified in the 80’s -90,s I believe in “the Dorsey report”, and again in “1998 select committee meetings on the WCB” where do to the large number of directives and orders were given to the WCB to cut down on the abuses to injured workers, and correct some of the abusive discriminatory behaviour of officials and some medical officers at the wcb.
      Here’s my email address send me your phone number and ill call you (don’t want to publish my number on a website}.
      and misery loves company : perhaps I may offer some advice and ill bring you up to speed with what trees I’m shaking, and to ongoing legal action (same boat self represented) . regards Wayne

    2. William and Wayne (and anyone else struggling with Head injury), I am wondering if you have found a doctor to treat your concussion symptoms? Have you found a good lawyer to handle your case? If you are interested is sharing helpful info please let me know. Is there another site where people like you discuss these matters? Britt

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