Launch of public review for the draft standard ASC/CSA B651.2

Dear stakeholders,

I am excited to let you know that the public review for the draft standard ASC/CSA B651.2, Accessible design for automated banking machines and self-service interactive devices is now taking place.
Considering accessibility in the design of products, systems, environments and facilities is key to ensuring equity for Canadians with disabilities.
Public review of the draft standard is open until March 18, 2022.
Interested parties may access the draft on the CSA Group Website. Select your language of preference from the menu in the top right.
A one-time registration is required. You are invited to comment directly online.
We are proud to collaborate with CSA Group in contributing to a more inclusive and barrier-free Canada.
For additional information or questions, please Email CSA Group . We welcome your expertise and comments!

Philip Rizcallah, P. Eng.
Chief Executive Officer

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