One thought on “Injured Worker Groups

  1. Hi. Lisa again. I am not able to sleep. Depressed by the way being treated by WCB and legal systems. There isn’t any protection for injured workers. Not Alberta Government, nor the legal system. WCB,and appeals commission deny my claim till now. My lawyer got paid by WCB helping them to pay me as little as they CAN. My disabilitiy benefits approved by CPP,and LAPP ( full pension). Two together is far blow Alberta standards living level. I got paid by defence insurance company for $132,000 eight years later. For not àble to work for 11 years. I was 52 when I got t_boned for working for AHS, the money the defence insurance gave to me is $1000 each month for 11 years. Which is good to pay for blue cross and medication
    payment. Apparently there is no wage lost payment, no pain and suffering payment, no future medical treatment cost payment, no nothing. I did not even get the money back I spent for medication or any treatment.for the last eight years.This is Canadian law system, when you get injured from work you have to live in poverty, you don’t have money to pay for Tylenol. Just sack up. This is the message I got from the System.

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