UNA continues call for nurses to be included in presumptive coverage for psychological injuries

Alberta nurses continue to have to prove they are suffering from traumatic psychological injuries that result from a workplace event in order to have their psychological injury claims for Workers Compensation approved.


Hansard Transcript – Private Members’ Public Business

Injured Workers Day Act, 2024 / Loi de 2024 sur la Journée des travailleurs blessés

Below is the link to the debate in Hansard around Bill 118, An Act to proclaim June 1st as Injured Workers Day in Ontario. It passed second reading on May 30th and has been referred to the Finance committee for review.


Union members and allies mark Injured Workers’ Day in locations across Ontario

June 1st, known as Injured Workers Day in Ontario, recognizes the valiant efforts from injured workers and allies for make positive changes in the compensation system in Ontario, at the same time promoting the importance of a health and safety system that is truly there for every worker in Ontario.

This year, CIWA has partnered with the Ontario Federation of Labour to bring awareness of June 1st to every province and territory in Canada, in an effort to improve the compensation benefits for all workers when they suffer injury or illness in their workplaces.


Panel Discussion: Workplace Psychological Health and Safety, OHS Leadership Roles & Responsibilities – May 7 – 10 to 11:30 am EST

In celebration of National Safety & Health week, the OHC is pleased to host this interactive panel event in partnership with the Manitoba Occupational Health Nurse Interest Group (MOHNIG). Join us as we explore lessons learned and best practices related to the prevention of workplace mental or psychological injuries. Panelists will discuss ways that occupational health nurses and other safety professionals can work together to identify and improve underlying psychosocial factors known to impact workplace mental health. All are welcome to attend this event!


Click on the following link to register for registration.


National AccessAbility Week – May 26 to June 1, 2024 – Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW)

National AccessAbility Awareness Week (NAAW) is about building openings for all persons in workplaces. New findings from the 2022 Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) showed that 27% of Canadians aged 15 years and older, or 8.0 million people, had one or more disabilities that limited them in their daily activities. It is time that we see everyone for the abilities that they have. There are many ways that you can engage during this year’s NAAW from May 26 to June 1st, whether in your workplace, your community organization or your community. Help by being part of the change!