Participate in Research – WSIB and Injured Workers Addiction

Kathy Tomlinson, investigative reporter with the Globe and Mail, is asking for our help with in-depth research into workers compensation across Canada. In particular, she says she would like to determine if and how those systems lead injured workers to take addictive painkillers for long periods – and how that affects people’s lives.
Here are more details from her:

“I would very much like to connect with workers or family members who have experienced this firsthand and/or have insight to share. Ultimately, we intend to push for positive changes.
First, I need to figure out/illustrate how and if the push to get people back to work contributes to addictions, how people on painkillers risk getting re-injured on the job, and how and if painkillers may be used as a substitute/bandaid, instead of covering other treatments people need (as well as anything else I can learn about this).

If you are willing to help, much appreciated. Here is some info about me:
You can reach me (confidentially) at or at 604-631-6628. Many thanks!”

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