A series of seven weekly seminars for workers and advocates  – starting January 22, 2019

Workers in precarious employment suffer most harshly the consequences of workplace injury: poverty, social isolation, and deteriorating physical and mental health.

Workers’ compensation systems are supposed to protect workers from the negative consequences of injuries, but our current system replicates and enforces the economic and social structures that create precarity in the first place.

This seminar series explores the major issues facing injured workers in the world of precarious work, to share information and explore strategies about how to move forward with individual cases and drive systemic change. A humane workers’ comp system that protects all workers is possible—but what does that look like, and how do we get there?

Our guest speakers include Sara Mojtehedzadeh, Gary Newhouse, Chris Ramsaroop and Katherine Lippel.

Who should attend?

  • Injured workers who want to understand their experience with the WSIB in a larger context and connect with others who’ve had similar experiences
  • Worker advocates who want to reflect on how their casework fits into the bigger picture, and get ideas on how they can help move the needle for injured workers
  • Worker advocates who are tired and jaded, and who want to rediscover why they do this work, and refresh their ideas about how they do it
  • Law students who want to learn how a law practice can connect with social justice movements.

How to attend

Registration is free. You can register to attend the full series or sign up for one or more individual seminars. Seminars will be held at 55 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, and by webinar.

Full registration information will follow early in January 2019; any questions, please contact David Arruda at IAVGO,, 416 924 6477.

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