Updated Form for medical practitioners: Disability Tax Credit

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is supporting people with disabilities and their medical practitioners by making it easier than ever to apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

The CRA recently launched a new version of the DTC application form (T2201) that includes an updated section for medical practitioners. Section B is used to provide the CRA with important health information about the restrictions an individual may be experiencing when they apply for the DTC.

With feedback from medical practitioners and the Disability Advisory Committee the CRA has made improvements to the form by asking more specific questions and requesting less text-based input. In particular, the revised form will support medical practitioners who are new to the DTC process and/or who may be working with new patients.

While longer in page numbers, the form is more specific and more thorough. It does not require the practitioner to interpret the CRA’s criteria themselves, and still leaves ample room for practitioners to add their own personal notes or observations to the form.

This more accessible form will benefit medical practitioners and makes it easier for clients to apply for the DTC.

The updated form is now available at Canada.ca/CRA Form t2201
We hope that you will share this exciting development with your medical practitioner partners, professional associations, colleges, licensing bodies and private clinics.

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