Workshop title: Stress and Chronic Pain – June 9th at 12 pm EST

How does stress impact our mind and body? How does stress impact chronic pain? Join us to find out the answers on our next workshop on June 9th at 12:00 p.m EST!

This workshop, presented by Chrissi Stronach MACP, RP (Qualifying), will review how stress can be used to your advantage and explore the connection between self-care and stress management. Finally, we will talk about some strategies and tools that can help you manage your stress and how you can start making stress work for you.

This workshop will be presented by Chrissi Stronach, a counsellor that has assisted a variety of clients of all ages, genders and abilities work through their concerns and issues. These include trauma; physical, verbal, sexual, and psychological, grief, addictions, acquired brain injuries, personality disorders, depression, and anxiety. One of her strengths as a counsellor is the ability to help a client tune out the noise, and focus on the root of the concern. Chrissi strives to be a patient partner in the journey and allow clients to go at their own pace during the counselling process.

Please register for this Zoom workshop here: Stress and Chronic Pain Workshop

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